Dark Side of the Sun

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview for CICE's blog

A few weeks ago, a request to do an interview came from Miguel Gómez, a good friend and great blogger for CG/Animation/VFX, who is now editor for the blogs at CICE (the school in Madrid where I studied CG & film directing).

The interview is now published at the following location (it's in Spanish, but from some people's comments, I understand that google translate might do a decent job of making it accessible to everyone):


It's been a pleasure and great fun for me to discuss my career until now, and to think and share my thoughts about the path that has led me to where I am. I hope that you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed doing it!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Houdini Stack Exchange needs your support!

A bunch of us Houdini TDs are trying to get started a Houdini Stack Exchange Q&A site. To get the proposal approved, it needs as many followers as possible, and a good number of example questions added. So if you are a Houdini user, whether an expert or complete beginner, you can support it by simply clicking the "Follow" button (you don't even have to register at all on the website) and add the kind of Houdini questions which you would like to see on the site. It doesn't matter whether you already know the answer to the question or not, since for now it is just to gauge the kind of interest this might generate.

Stack Exchange Q&A sites are the best way to get quality answers to your questions about any topic. If anyone reading this doesn't know about this kind of site, and the advantages over a classic forum, just say so in the comments below and I will give a more extensive explanation and comparison.