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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fxguide praise for Prometheus sandstorm

It was very nice and heart-warming to find some praise for the sandstorm simulations I did on Prometheus, coming from professional peers. It's in episode #149 of the fxguide vfx show (@ time 01:01:15):

"I thought a really great sim was the big shot where they're racing to get back to the ship, and they're on the little go-karts and that huge wall of sand, I thought, scale-wise as well as the threat of that, I thought was really well executed, and a really nice-looking simulation."

In general the whole podcast, like so many other podcasts and articles, presents very positive opinions and feedback for all the VFX work that everyone did on this film. So I'll grab this chance to give big congratulations to everyone, in all companies involved, who worked on it!

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Unknown said...

I clearly remember seeing the scene and somehow feeling it was "You" behind it. The craft, the elegance, the sense of time...
Now, I'm glad my guess was right and that this kind of connection exists.
Outstanding work, congrats Mayec!!!