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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Binary Flare is born

This blog will now be know as Binary Flare. The reason is that I feel like starting a personal blog again, full of random thoughts and ramblings, mostly unrelated to my professional activities in VFX or film-making. "Strange High House in the Mist" seemed like a better fitting name for such a personal blog (and that's how it started, back in 2007). So:

Binary Flare: will be my professional blog, to talk somewhat exclusively about my projects, and about VFX and Film-making in general.

Strange High House in the Mist: will pop back up in some other strange misty corner of the interstreams, and will be my personal blog full of random blurbs about everything and anything.  Probably will discuss some music, philosophy, art... not sure yet what it will be, so we will make that discovery together, if you care to follow me there.

I am not yet sure about what will happen with older posts in this blog. Many old ones would find a better home in the Strange High House, but I am not sure of how much trouble the move would be.

Let your thoughts be read in the comments below. Do you like the new name? What do you think should be done with older random posts? Should they be kept here even if a copy is placed in the new Strange High House? Should they be completely moved? Any other ideas?

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