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Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Politeness & Tires" screening in Edinburgh and Stirling

My short film Politeness & Tires will soon be screened in Scotland, at CinemaAttic's Norman McLaren - Spanish animation today: converging identities?

There will be two screenings:

University of Sterling: May 13th, at 5pm

Roxy Art House, Edinburgh: May 22nd, at 5pm

The film is part of the section Diversity & Inventiveness: the total artists, which in the programme is described as:

The variety of his filmic expression together with a technical invention that continously transcended the barriers of traditional animation made of Norman McLaren a modern, total artist. Introduced by his stunningly multilayered and expressionistic Begone Dull Care (1949), this section opens a deep browsing into the richness and diversity of the Spanish animation nowadays.

Fluctuating from a wide range of formats and skilfully accomplished techniques, the list of Spanish animated films grouped here are nothing less than the epitome of McLaren's career: inventiveness, spontaneity and powerful expressing quality.

More information here.
Programme download here.

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