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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accepting donations for my scripts

I never thought about it until someone recently asked for a way to make a small donation for the Maya and 3ds max scripts I make freely available at my website. They were using a couple of them in their daily work and wanted to show their gratitude. What a nice surprise!

That is why I have added a "Donate" button to my website's scripts page, which takes you to an easy and secure paypal donation process:

Don't worry, the scripts are still free to download and use. But if you find them useful, a donation is a nice way to say "thanks", and to support any future developments by showing your appreciation of the time and work I put into them, and helping with the hosting costs.

As a small reminder, another nice way to show your support if you use my scripts, is simply by letting me know, telling me what you use them for and giving some feedback as to what you like or not, bugs, wished-for features, or any other comments.

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