Dark Side of the Sun

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new maxscript: Render MOV Maker

Following a petition from Daniel Swahn, I adapted my ".mov Preview Maker" script for 3ds max to a new form: "Render MOV Maker". This maxScript is intended to be used as a Post-Render script. After the render is finished, it will automatically create a Quicktime .mov file.

You can download it from the Scripts section in my website, with the release info & details.

You can also find it at ScriptSpot (and spare a vote if you find the script useful).

Like ".mov Preview Maker", it makes use of my qtSeq2mov.js CScript, which needs Quicktime (Pro? can someone confirm?) to be installed in your system.

The script has an optional 'express' mode, which will skip the UI. The UI gives you options to delete the render files after creating the .mov, and for embedding a sound file into your .mov.

I will point out a weakness, inherited from ".mov Preview Maker": these two scripts are still one step short of full automatization, as the Quicktime part requires user interaction to set the compression/size/format options, and pick a path/filename for the mov file. Since the beginning I wanted to add the option to save a presets file for all these, which qtSeq2mov.js would read, but I never managed to make it work. Some day, I hope...

Please, let me know if any of these scripts are useful to you (or not at all), if you would like any features added, or if you encountered any ugly scary bugs.