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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry XMaxScript - Stick Locator v1.2

Merry ChristMax everybody! Guess what Santa brought for you? Yes, you... if you are a 3ds max user, anyway:

I just released a new MaxScript tool I made for myself, and which I have been using a lot for a while, called "Stick Locator". What Stick Locator does is create a point dummy (I called it "locator", please excuse my late Maya influences), which will "stick" to a reference object's specific vertex. You can also have it stick to its geometric center.

Since I am specializing in FX these days, the main use I have for this tool is to attach particle/fluid emitters to specific parts of a character, or any deforming/moving geometry which has been "baked". But I'm sure you can find new uses for it, like attaching props to a character's bodypart or... well, it's free for you to use in production (with proper credit, please), so if you find any interesting use for this script, do let me know!

For more information, and to download the script, check out my website's Scripts section. You can also find it on ScriptSpot.

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