Dark Side of the Sun

Thursday, July 30, 2009

script update: Animation Bake v.1.1

I updated my Animation Bake maxScript. I solved a problem where it wouldn't work properly when the source object had a Link Constraint controller. Now it should work fine in those cases.

You can download the new version (1.1) from the scripts section in my website.

I would like to thank Julien Chanson, who reported the bug.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mozy: free automatic online backup

A couple of months ago I had the scare of my life. One morning, my main hard drive just decided to stop existing. Poof. Dead. I lost all my photos of the last 3 years, huge parts of Projects that were in progress, and a countless number of other precious information that just hurt too much to even think about. I do backups of most of my things. Often. But not everything. Not often enough...

I will reassure you immediately (before you start crying for me, or getting angry at my stupidity), and say that all the information was finally recovered by Seagate. More importantly, it opened my eyes: manual backup isn't enough. I needed to set up a system of regular, automatic, daily backups (that way, if something breaks, I only lose one day of work, which is bearable). Thus, I set on to plan a way to have all my vital files backed up easily and frequently.

The first part of the plan was to have a software which would back up chosen folders to a second local hard drive periodically (every night). It has to be a second physical hard drive, and not just a second partition, because if the drive has a physical failure, all its partitions can go to hell. If it's in a separate physical drive, the chances of both hard drives breaking at the same is minimal (I will not be liable if you got a jinx and it happens to you). For this you have many efficient softwares, both free and commercial. Just to name the one I use, SyncBack Freeware. But there are many similar ones, so you should check them out and compare.

But I still needed another thing: what if burglars come into your house and steal the computer? what if your house burns, or if an asteroid falls on it. You lose it all. Files and Backup. So I found something called Mozy. It's a free software which automatically and regularly backs up any folders/files you select to an internet storage. This way your files are physically backed up to a place at the other side of the world. The whole planet would have to go to hell for you to lose your files, and then I guess you wouldn't be there either, to care about it!

As I said, it's free, secure, private, and it gives you 2 GB of free online storage. It's also the easiest backup software I've ever seen. You have no excuse. BACKUP YOUR FILES NOW! Tomorrow could be too late. Tomorrow, your computer might not boot, as it happend to me on that tragic morning.

You can visit the following link to sign up, which will additionally set me up as a referer, and will give us both an extra 256MB of backup space. It's win-win all the way:


For this, you can also enter my referal code (ZCD7Q7) when you sign up.