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Saturday, April 11, 2009

New maxScript: .mov Preview Maker

I am probably not the only one who got very frustrated with the fact that 64bits versions of 3ds max don't allow export of .mov quicktime movies. That's why a few months ago I set on a quest to create an automatized workaround for the problem. Because I could always, in a pinch, use the manual workaround, I left it aside and decided to tackle other challenges.

After leaving it aside for a long time, I faced this particular dragon again today... and killed the beast.

The main piece of it is a macroScript for 3ds max, called .mov Preview Maker. It will give you the most basic preview creation options, and output that as a sequence of .tga files. The second piece of the puzzle is qtSeq2mov.js, a windows command-line script, called externally from 3ds max, and which controls Quicktime to open the .tga sequence and convert it to a quicktime movie.

You can find the script package (including the .js script and icons) in my scripts section. Be sure to read the included .txt file for setup details.

If you use the script and find it useful, or find a bug, or would like to make a request for enhancements, I would be very happy to get your feedback and comments.

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