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Friday, July 25, 2008

Worlds Will Shatter

Straight quote from A Swarm of Angels:

The Unfold teaser HD from Nine Orders on Vimeo.

(...)The new teaser trailer for The Unfold, an amuse bouche for the full trailer that is in final development. We hope you like it, and if you do then please embed on your blog (embed codes for Vimeo HD, blip.tv or YouTube).

This is the first missing piece in the moving image puzzle that fills the gap between professionally produced and user-generated content. Trailer development has been shaped throughout by community feedback from the Swarm at The Nine Orders forums, which has accompanied posts on development.

Animator Mayec Rancel gives us a glimpse of the full unfolding world in the sci-fi project, with buildings breaking and shearing. Santiago Abadía adds an ethereal soundtrack, with a subtle ambience of alarms and the urban cadence. Thanks for all of their handwork collaborating.
The full trailer should be realised soon (end of month latest) with titles composition by Matt Pyke of Universal Everything in collaboration with Maxim Zhestkov. All media elements that make it up will be available under CC-license for remixing.

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